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Amos Alexander, Grand Master, 1814 and 1817

This Brother was born in Cecil County, Maryland, in 1760, and settled in Alexandria, Virginia, sometime prior to 1800. In 1803 he was appointed Inspector of Flour at Alexandria, and held that position until 1824, when he resigned. During the following year he passed away in the city of his adoption.

Brother Alexander appears to have been a public spirited and useful citizen, and filled the then very important post above referred to with credit, as is evidenced by his long tenure of office. In this connection it must be recalled that at that time the port of Alexandria was one of first importance. According to his contemporaries he was a man of sterling integrity and universally respected.

In Masonic circles he was ever active and was one of the pioneers in the formation of this Grand Lodge, appearing as a delegate from Alexandria-Brooke Lodge, No. 47, at the original convention in this city December 11, 1810, and taking an active part in the subsequent formative steps.

He served as Master of Brooke Lodge, No. 2, in 1814, 1817, and 1818; as Deputy Grand Master, 1812, 1813, and 1816 (an instance of elevation to the Grand East without previous service as Master), and was Grand Master in 1814, and again in 1817.

Another unique feature of his Masonic career is furnished by the fact that four years subsequent to his service as Grand Master he filled the position of Junior Warden of Brooke Lodge for one term in 1821, and that of Senior Warden for the years 1822 to 1825. Upon his retirement from office as Grand Master the Grand Lodge unanimously passed a resolution of thanks to him "as a testimony of their unfeigned respect for his person, and for the able and impartial manner in which he has discharged the duties of Right Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia." He passed away sometime in 1826.


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Source: History of the Grand Lodge and Freemasonry in the District of Columbia, compiled by W. Brother Kenton N. Harper, 1911.

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