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Lutheran Congregations in the City of Washington D. C.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Georgetown, D. C, Wisconsin Avenue and Volta Place, N. W.
First church built 1769. Pastor, Rev. Luther Hess Waring, Ph. D.

Concordia (Lutheran and Reformed), 20th and G Streets, N. W. Organized 1833. Pastor, Rev. Paul A. Menzel.

St. Paul's, 11th and H Streets, N. W. Organized 1843. Pastor, Rev. John T. Huddle.

Trinity, 4th and E Streets, N. W. Organized 1851. Pastor, Rev. H. G. Schroeder.

St. John's 320 4½ Street, S. W. Organized 1855. Pastor, Rev. George Brodthage, Ph. D.

Zion, 6th and P Streets, N. W. Organized 1867. Pastor. Rev. C. F. Bergner.

Church of the Reformation, B Street, near 2nd Street, S. E. Organized 1870. Pastor, Rev. John Weidley, D. D.

Luther Place Memorial, Thomas Circle, N. W. Organized 1873. Pastor, Rev. Lloyd C. Douglas.

Grace, 13th Street, opposite Corcoran Street, N. W. Organized 1876. Pastor, Rev. J. E. A. Doermann.

Church of Our Redeemer, 8th Street, N. W., north of Florida Avenue. Organized 1886. Pastor, Rev. D. E. Wiseman, D. D.

St. Mark's 8th and B Streets, S. W. Organized 1889. Pastor, Rev. J. Luther Frantz.

Keller Memorial, 9th Street and Maryland Avenue, N. E. Organized 1892. Pastor, Rev. Charles P. Wiles.

Christ, Morgan Street and New Jersey Avenue, N. W. Organized 1892. Pastor, Rev. J. Frederic Wenchel.

St. Matthews, D Street, between 10th and 11th Streets, N. E. Organized 1894. Pastor, Rev. F. W. Almendinger.

Church of the Atonement, North Capitol and U Streets and R. I. Avenue, N. W. Organized 1905. Pastor, Rev. I. O. Baker.

Independent Lutheran Church, 1322 Vermont Avenue, N. W. Organized 1909. Pastor _____ 1903.

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Source: History of the Grand Lodge and Freemasonry in the District of Columbia, compiled by W. Brother Kenton N. Harper, 1911.

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