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Marmaduke Dove, Grand Master, 1839

This Brother, having previously occupied the East in Union Lodge, No. 6, and later affiliated with Naval Lodge, No. 4, was installed Worshipful Master of the latter Lodge in 1819, the first chosen for the full present term of twelve months. "Captain" Dove, as he was universally known, was an officer in the Navy, and for many years held a responsible position in the Navy Yard in Washington. He is described as having been a man of unusually commanding presence and genial, magnetic personality.

Brother Dove's zeal, fidelity, and attachment to Masonry is evidenced by the fact that besides serving Naval Lodge as its principal officer during the years 1819, 1820, 1821, 1824, 1825, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833, 1834, 1836, 1837, and 1841, he also held the positions of Junior Grand Warden in 1831; Senior Grand Warden, 1820, 1832, and 1834; Deputy Grand Master, 1821, 1836, 1838, and 1843, and Grand Master in 1839.

His death occurred July 3, 1846, at the advanced age of seventy years. His remains lie in Congressional Cemetery.

In addition to his naval service Brother Dove took an active interest in municipal affairs, serving for some time as a Common Councilman and on the old Board of Alderman, and in testimony of the esteem in which he was held by his associates his funeral was attended by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council, by order of the Mayor.

At the communication of December 27, 1838, after his installation as Grand Master, M. W. Brother Dove at once installed his venerable associate, Brother Isaac Kell, as Grand Senior Warden, and the following extract from the Proceedings of that year is given as of interest in view of the fact that the years of persecution were then drawing to a close:

This part of the ceremony [installation of Brother Kell] was peculiarly impressive. Here were two of the venerable chiefs of the Order, whose locks were whitened with the snows of many winters, who had espoused the cause of Freemasonry upwards of twenty years since; had rejoiced in the days of its prosperity; had fought side by side in the days of its adversity; who had borne the reproach, and whose attachments were increased by the fires of persecution. Now they had met as the two principal officers of the institution, to aid their junior brethren in accelerating the great work of science and benevolence, which form the ground work of the Order.

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Source: History of the Grand Lodge and Freemasonry in the District of Columbia, compiled by W. Brother Kenton N. Harper, 1911.

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