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Membership of Evangelical Lutheran Church, Georgetown

The following list is the membership of the members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1909.

Albert, Helen Mrs.
Albrecht, Agnes Mrs.
Albrecht, Emma Miss
Albrecht, William
Allen, Gertrude Miss
Allen, Helen Miss
Allen, George W. Mrs.
Beatty, Alex. P. Mrs.
Beatty, Margie
Bernstein, Emma Mrs.
Bernstein, Hertha Miss
Bernstein, Edgar
Berryman, John S.
Berryman, John S. Mrs.
Berryman, Ruth
Berthiaume, Arthur M.
Berthiaume, A. M. Mrs.
Billheimer, Stanley Mrs.
Blackman, Anna Mrs.
Blessing, Virginia Mrs.
Blessing, Charles T.
Butts, J. Frank
Cooper, Alvin
Cramer, Chas. W. Mrs.
Darcey, John F.
Dauber, Carl W. Mrs.
Eli, Josephine Mrs.
Emrich, Henrietta Miss
Fearson, Lillie Holt Mrs.
Fischer, C. M. Mrs.
Fry, Sarah E. Mrs.
Garrity, Appolonia Mrs.
Garrity, James P.
Gentzler, Chauncey
Hall, James R.
Hall, James R. Mrs.
Hickerson, Anna Miss
Hinzen, Clara Miss
Hinzen, Ada
Hinzen, Paul G.
Holt, Catharine Mrs.
Horn, Irving T.
Hughes, Mamie
Kracke, Anton Mrs.
Kracke, Anton. Jr.
Kues, William, Jr.
Kunkel, Henry F.
Kunkel, Henry F. Mrs.
Lang, Mrs. J. R.
Leonberger, Frank Mrs.
Loffler, Ernest, Jr.
Loffler, William
Macomb, Margaret Mrs.
Michael. M. W.
Michael, M. W. Mrs.
Moyer, George
Moyer, Philip A.
Moyer, Mrs. P. A.
Muhlenberg, Katherine Miss
Neuhaus, August
Neuhaus, Henry
Pettis, Elizabeth Mrs.
Pettis, William A.
Pettis, Joseph
Pettis, Joseph Mrs.
Pfeifer, Louisa Miss
Porter, Edgar Mrs.
Purcell, Eva Mrs.
Raab, Augusta Miss
Raulin, August Mrs.
Richardson, William N.
Richardson, Esther Mrs.
Rohr, M. J. Mrs.
Schafer, Frederick
Schafer, Frederick Mrs.
Schlosser, John Mrs.
Schlosser, Theresia Miss
Schlosser, Fred
Schulze, Barbara Miss
Schulze, Minna Miss
Schulze, Samuel Luther
Scrivener, Mary Mrs.
Smoot, Charles
Smoot, Charles Mrs.
Stombock, Philip
Stombock, Philip Mrs.
Stombock, Elmer
Updike, O. T. Mrs.
Wagner, Henry G.
Wagner, Henry G. Mrs.
Wagner, Charles H.
Walmer, E. S. Dr.
Walmer, E. S. Mrs.
Walmer, M. H. Dr.
Walmer, Mrs. M. H.
Walsh, Louisa Mrs.
Waring, L. H. Mrs.
Walmer, Georgie Gray Miss
Wenner, Emma Miss
Wise, James B.
Wise, James B. Mrs.
Wise, Martin
Wise, John L.
Wise, Leonora Miss
Zollner, Charles
Zollner, Oscar

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Source: History of the Grand Lodge and Freemasonry in the District of Columbia, compiled by W. Brother Kenton N. Harper, 1911.

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