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Officers and Roster of Members, Second Army Corp Association

The objects of this association shall be the gathering, preservation and publication of historical material concerning the Second Corps, the perpetuation of the associations of the war for the preservation of the Union, the cultivation of fraternal relations among its members and their intellectual improvement and social enjoyment.

Non-Political Character

The association shall be non-political and shall take no part in partisan politics. Questions of a partisan political character shall not be discussed, or considered in its meetings.

Active Membership

Any man who rendered military service, either as a commissioned officer, or, enlisted man, in the Second Army Corps, during the late civil war, and was honorably discharged, and who bears a good character and reputation, shall be eligible to membership in this association.

Applications for Membership

Every application for membership in this association shall be in writing, shall state the applicant's name in full, his age, residence, occupation, and military history, and shall be accompanied by the admission fee of two dollars. It shall be read and referred to a committee of investigation, which shall report thereon favorably or unfavorably; but any applicant may withdraw his application from the committee, in which case, the report of the committee shall be, application withdrawn. Every applicant shall be recommended in writing by at least two members of the association in good standing.

Past and Present Officers

Charles Lyman, 14th Connecticut Infantry for 1893.
Rich. N. Batchelder, Brigadier General, U. S. A. for 1894.
James D. Brady, Colonel, 63rd New York Infantry for 1895.
Nelson A. Miles, Major-General, U. S. A. for 1896.

Vice-President for the First Division
John O. O'Neill, Captain, 116th Pennsylvania Infantry for 1893.
Franklin C. Jones, Captain, 64th New York Infantry for 1894.
Charles Smart, Surgeon, U. S. A. for 1895.
Geo. A. Shallenberger, Colonel, 140th Pennsylvania Infantry for 1896.

Vice-President for the Second Division
Azor H. Nickerson, 8th Ohio Infantry for 1893.
John Finn, Corporal, Company D, 8th Ohio Infantry for 1894.
Dennis O'Connor, 19th Massachusetts Infantry for 1895.
Joseph S. Smith, Brigadier General, U. S. Volunteers, for 1896.

Vice-President for the Third Division
George A. Armes, 2nd New York Heavy Artillery & Major, U. S. A. retired, for 1893.
Henry S. Stevens Corporal, 14th Connecticut Infantry for 1894.
Charles Lyman, 14th Connecticut Infantry for 1895.
Newton M. Brooks, Captain, 12th New Jersey Infantry for 1896.

Charles E. Troutman, 2nd Lieutenant, Company C, 12th New Jersey Infantry for 1893,
William P. Seville, Captain, 1st Delaware Infantry and General Staff for 1894.
John Finn, Corporal, Company D, 8th Ohio Infantry for 1895.
William P. Seville, Captain, 1st Delaware Infantry and General Staff for 1896.

Franklin C. Jones, Captain, 64th New York Infantry for 1893.
William L. Bramhall, 93rd New York Infantry for 1894.
Alfred R. Quaiffe, Major, 152nd New York Infantry for 1895 and 1896.

Henry S. Stevens, Chaplain, 14th Connecticut Infantry for 1894 and 1895.
Hyland C. Kirk, Lieutenant F, 4th New York Heavy Artillery for 1896.

James McCrea, Sergeant, Company F, 42nd New York Infantry for 1896.

Roster of Members

Armes George A., Company E, 2nd New York Heavy Artillery and Major USA, Retired, 1405 F Street, north west.
Balloch George W., Brigadier General, US Volunteers, 1006 F street north west.
Batchelder Richard N., Brigadier General, USA Retired, care of War Dept.
Beaver James A., Brigadier General, US Volunteers, Belefonte Pennsylvania.
Bickford Nathan, Company B., 5th New Hampshire Infantry and Captain and Com. Sub US Volunteers, 914 F. Street north west.
Bingham, Henry H., Brigadier General, US Volunteers, US House of Representatives
Brady, James D., Colonel, 63 New York Infantry, Kellogg Building.
Brady, John T., Company C., 71st Pennsylvania Infantry, 709 8th Street north west.
Brady Joseph P., Associate member, Kellogg building.
Bradley Henry C., Company E., 1st Minnesota Infantry, Pension Bureau.
Bramhall William L., Captain, 93rd New York Infantry, 1110 F Street north west.
Brooks, Newton M., Captain, 12 New Jersey Infantry, Post Office Department.
Carr, J. H., Captain, 4th Ohio Infantry, 949 Mass Ave.
Corby, William Rev., Chaplin, 88th New York Infantry, Notre Dame, Indiana
Couch Darius N., Major General, US Volunteers, Norwalk Connecticut
Cushing Henry, 1st New York Light Artillery, 1759 Q Street north west.
Dana, Nepoleon J. T., 1st Minnesota Infantry and Brigadier General, US Volunteer, Pension Bureau
Davis H. B., Associate member, 813 G Street south west.
Davis Jefferson W., 1st Lieutenant, Company F, 64th New York Infantry, Pension Bureau
Davis William W., Sergeant Major, 1st Delaware Infantry, 813 G Street south west.
Edson John Joy, Private, Company B., 61st New York Infantry, 1003 F Street north west.
Erly, James S., 8th New York Heavy Artillery, Pension Bureau.
Finn, John, Corporal, Company D, 8th Ohio Infantry, 528 23rd St. north west.
Flint, William A., Major, 4th New York Heavy Artillery. Sing Sing, New York.
Flynn, Thomas, 69th Pennsylvania Infantry, Weather Bureau
Ford, Samuel, Captain, 5th Maryland, Infantry, 314 2nd Street south east.
Gale W. Hector, Major, 2nd New York Heavy Artillery, Oneida New York.
Gallagher, Peter, Company I, 57th New York Infantry, 213 7th Street north east.
Geary Thomas, Company F, 82nd New York Infantry, Ft. Collins, Colorado.
Gunson, Edward Q., 8th Ohio Infantry, 507 7th Avenue, north west.
Hancock, John, Colonel, US Volunteers, 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, north west.
Harnit, J. M., 4th Ohio Infantry, Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Hausmann, Theodore, New York Heavy Artillery, 3227 Brightwood Avenue.
Hayes, J. W., 19th Massachusetts Infantry.
Hayes, Joshua R., Surgeon, 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry, 46 C Street, north east.
Hubbell, S. S., Major, 93rd New York Infantry, Ft. Edward, New York.
Jones, Franklin C., Captain, 64th New York Infantry, Pension Bureau.
Keefer, W. E., Sergeant, Company E., 2nd, Delaware Infantry, 1117 New Jersey Avenue, north west.
Kirk, Hyland C., Lieutenant, Company F, 4th New York Heavy Artillery, 10 3rd Street, north east.
Lochren, William, 1st Lieutenant, Company E, 1st Minnesota Infantry, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Ludington, Marshall I., Colonel, USA, Pullman Building, Chicago, Illinois.
Lyman, Charles, 14th Connecticut Infantry, 1243 New Jersey Avenue, north west.
McCrea, James, Sergeant, Company F., 42nd New York Infantry, War Department.
McKiernan, J. S., Captain, 53 Pennsylvania Infantry, Pension Bureau.
McKinley, William, Captain, 23rd Ohio Infantry, Honorary member, Canton Ohio.
Miles Nelson A., Major General, Commanding U.S.A., War department.
Mulholland, St. Clair, 116 Pennsylvania Infantry and Brigadier General, US Volunteers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Murray Joseph, Colonel, 63rd New York Infantry, 1321 N. Street, north west.
Nickerson, Azor H., 8th Ohio Infantry, 1716 13th Street, north west.
O'Connor, Dennis, 19th Massachusetts Infantry, Pension Bureau.
O'Driscoll, B. J., Major, 88th New York Infantry, 1308 T Street, north west.
Olmsted, William A., Brigadier General, US Volunteers, Notre Dame, Indiana.
O'Farrell Patrick, Captain, 69th New York Infantry, 1425 New York Avenue, north west.
O'Farrell, Patrick H., Associate member, 1327 Roanoke Street.
O'Neill, John O. , Captain, 116 Pennsylvania Infantry, 208 9th Street, south east.
Parsons, J. W. P., Sergeant, Company D., 106th Pennsylvania Infantry, 229 9th Avenue north west.
Plant, James, Sergeant, Company F., 63 New York Infantry, 1000 B Street, south east.
Quaiffe, Alfred R., Major, 152 New York Infantry, Ft Wayne Indiana.
Rooks, William A., Private, Company G. 1st Minnesota Infantry, 1005 O Street, north west.
Rugg, Henry F., Sergeant, Company H., 2nd New York Heavy Artillery, War Dept.
Seville, William P., Captain, 1st Delaware Infantry and General Staff, 123 12th Street north east.
Shallenberger, George A., Colonel, 140 Pennsylvania Infantry, Supt. Reform School, DC
Shelse, Charles,4th New York Heavy Artillery, 113 C Street, south east.
Simpson, James H., Private, Company G, 14th Indiana Infantry, Pension Bureau.
Smart, Charles, Surgeon, USA, 2017 Hilyer Place.
Smith, Harry F., 1st Sergeant, Company I, 111th New York Infantry, 606 F. Street, north west.
Smith Henry H., 26th Michigan Infantry.
Smith Joseph S., Brigadier General, US Volunteers, Bangor Maine.
Sprague, DeWitt C., 1st Lieutenant, Company F, 27th Connecticut Infantry, Treasury Department.
Stevens, Charles A., Captain, 1st Berdan's Sharp Shooters, Pension Bureau.
Stevens, Henry S., Chaplin, 14th Connecticut Infantry, Pension Bureau.
Swiggert, Ashland B, Private, Company E., 1st Delaware Infantry, Pension Bureau.
Tanner Charles B., 1st Lieutenant, Company D, 1st Delaware Infantry and Gen Staff, War Department.
Thatcher, Orville D., Company E, 1st Minnesota Infantry, 320 Indiana Avenue, north west.
Tindall William, Private, Company G, 1st Delaware Infantry, Secretary Board of Commissioners, D C.
Troutman Charles E., Lieutenant, Company C, 12th New Jersey Infantry, War Department.
Tyler, W. C., Corporal, Company A. 27th Connecticut Infantry, Treasury Dept.
Urell, M. Emmet, 82nd New York Infantry, War Dept.
Walker, William H., Captain, 20th Massachusetts Infantry, General Land Office.
Waterbury W. M., 4th New York Heavy Artillery and Major USA Retired, 1311 21st Street, north west.
Webb, Alexander S., Brigadier General, USA Retired, College of City of New New York.
Whitney, Arthur P, Corporal, Company D., 4th New York Heavy Artillery, 1517 Columbia Street.
Whittlesey, Eliphalet, Brigadier General, US Volunteers, General Staff, 5 Iowa Circle.


Carroll, Samuels S., Brigadier General, USA, Died January.
Crocker, W. C., Captain, 93rd New York Infantry, Died.
Ustick, Abner, 4th Ohio Infantry.
Coit, James B., Major, 14th Connecticut Infantry, December.
Carr, Joseph B., Brigadier General, US Volunteers, February.
Torrens, Joseph, 39th New York Infantry, April.
Hamilton, Jesse C., Company D, 110 Pennsylvania Infantry, June.
Gibbon, John, Major General, USA, February.
Maxwell, William H., 61st New York Infantry, April.

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Source: Past and Present Officers and Roster of Members, Second Army Corps Association, in the District of Columbia, Organized December 16, 1892, Washington DC November 30, 1896.

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