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Roster and Muster Roll of John F. Reynolds Post, 1891

Instituted October 6, 1868 and named in honor of Major General John F. Reynolds, who was killed at battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863

Roster, 1891

Commander, Albert H, Van Deusen
Senior Vice-Commander H. M. Bennett
Junior Vice-Commander, Wm. N. Thomas
Adjutant, R. Emmet Smith
Quartermaster, Lewis B. Parker
Surgeon, W. W. Granger
Chaplain, W. H. Gotwald
Officer of the Day, Francis L. McKenna
Officer of the Guard, R. R. Brouner
Sergeant Major, Alden Bradford
Quartermaster Sergeant, Phil M. O'Bryon

Past Department Commanders

Frank H. Sprague
George E. Corson

Past Post Commanders

Henry A. Myers, 68-'9
Ray. p. Eaton, 1869
Frank H. Sprague, 70-'1
Elisha A. Jacoijs 1872
William H. Kuhns,* 1873
Rich'd R, Broxjner, 1874
Augustus Ridgely, 1875
George E. Corson, 1876
John O. Riley, 1877
Squire G. Merrill, 1878
George E, Corson, 1879
Wm. W. Granger, 1880
Lewis B. Parker, 1881
R. E. Smith, 1882
Eugene McSweeny,*1883
Chas. W. Sherwood, 1884
Solomon E. Faunce, 1885
Thomas Galloway, 1886
Edward Webster, 1887
John P. Church, 1888
Henry Jenkins, 1889
N. D. Adams, 1890

The Roll of Honor

Allen, John R.
Beckert, Adolph
Bellew, James P.
Brown, Calvin W.
Chandoine, Victor
Clausen, Charles F.
Cox, James P.
Cunningham, Jas. jr.
Dorian, Thomas  H.
Draper, L. J.
Dubant, J. H.
French, Alpheus R.
George, George W.
Gleason, John H.
Gotteneieny, Charles
Halpin, Henry
Harrison, William F.
Haughey, Allen B.
Harvard, L. A. F.
Holt, Edward B.
Horigan, Michael
Kelley, M. Frank
Kelly, James
Kenyon, Charles
Kuhns, William, H.
Lehnert, John
McDonald Robert E.
McElwee, John
McLeod, Alexander
McSweeny, Eugene
Madden, John A,
Mauger, Martin M.
Michener, John E
O'Malley, Edward
O'Mealey, Michael
Parkinson, Anthony
Peck, Charles H.
Sloane, Robert
Smith, Montgomery P.
Swan, William R.
Thomas, Samuel
Webb, George J.
Winsor, William H.
Woolley, George A.

Muster Roll, July 1, 1891

[Note, Only rank above private is noted. Unless otherwise shown, the branch of the service is infantry.] Comrades are requested to notify the Adjutant of changes in their addresses. It is not stated, however, I think the letter after the full name is the company.

Abrams, Daniel F., H, 122nd New York, Washington, D. C.

Adams, Jacob, Sergeant, H, 17th Ohio. 239 13½ sw.

Adams, Nelson D., Bandm'r, 3rd Vermont and 1st Vermont Brigade, 1121 I nw.

Alden, William H., 1st Sergeant, H, 42nd Illinois, 1308 S nw.

Anderson, John P., D, 163rd Ohio, 2116 16th nw.

Atkinson, Edwin T., A, 198th Ohio, 127 E nw.

Barnes, Almont, Captain, 1st New York, Light Artillery, 411 4th ne.

Barnes, James J., Corp., 1st Michigan, Lt. and Adjutant 24th Michigan, 1433 R nw.

Barr, Charles, I, 1st Maryland, 1309 C sw.

Bennett, Harrison M., B, 39th Massachusetts, 907 M nw.

Betts, Robert H., Sergeant, H, 14th Ohio, 637 Massachusetts Avenue, ne.

Bogue. George W., Ensign, U. S. Navy, 636 Rhode Island Avenue, nw.

Batt, John, Sergeant, D, 15th Missouri, 2251 Cleveland Avenue, nw.

Braden, James R., A, 23rd New York, 2211 14th nw.

Bradford, Alden, C, 17th Massachusetts, P. O. Department.

Brennan, Daniel D., Landsman, U.S. Navy, 310 Massachusetts, Avenue, nw.

Brookings, Edmund J., B, 16th Maine, 1501 6th nw.

Brouner, Richard R., 5th New York, Light and Adjutant, 7th Maryland, 723 12th nw.

Brown, John P., C, 7th Indiana, Musician, 16th Indiana, Rising Sun, Indiana

Bruen, John, D, 17th New York, New York, N. Y.

Brust, Albert G., Carpenter, U. S. Navy, Anacostia, D. C.

Bryan, Augustus S., Surgeon's Steward, Paymaster's Steward, U. S. Navy, 1749 Pennsylvania Avenue, nw.

Bryant, Lewis C., C, 33rd Pennsylvania, 341 D sw.

Campbell, Charles D., H, 18th Ohio, 2nd West Virginia. Cavalry, 120 11th, ne.

Carr, John H., D, 116th Pennsylvania, 1224 28th nw.

Caverly, Edward, Musician, 32nd New York, K, 1st Connecticut Cavalry, 1726 15th nw.

Chambers, Emmet B., 1st Lieutenant, 33rd Illinois, 5 I ne.

Chase, Gabriel T., K, 12th New York, 89th Company, Veteran Reserve Corps, 512 E se.

Church, John P., 2nd Lieutenant, Battalion I, 1st Michigan Light Artillery, 2026 14th nw.

Clements, James T., A, 1st Battalion D. C. Volunteers, 1237 32nd nw.

Coleman, William H., Seaman, U. S. Navy, 423 6th se.

Cook, George, Sergeant, E, 48th New York, 107 2nd nw.

Corson, George E., Com. Sergeant, 17th U. S., Hospital Steward, U. S. A., 211 C nw.

Cramer, Israel K., Lieutenant, E, 100th Ohio, 630 G nw.

Cramer, William W., D, 86th Ohio, Studley, Hanover County, Virginia.

Daniels, Ara M., Corporal, A. 6th Minnesota, 1401 T nw.

Daniels, Joseph, Captain, 1st Minnesota, Mounted Infantry, 1315 Q nw.

Deland, Francis S., I, 17th Maine, 815 T, nw.

Dunn, Thomas M., 4th U. S. Artillery, 940 E, nw.

Dunning, Hugh, Landsman, U. S. Navy, 34 K nw.

Elkins, Philip M., A, 1st Battalion Illinois Volunteers, F, 68th Illinois, 415 3rd nw.

Emmons, Lucius H., I, 8th Indiana Cavalry, 75th Indiana, 626 I ne.

Faunce, Solomon E., B, 3rd Massachusetts, Sergeant, F, 38th Massachusetts, 907 N. Y. Avenue, nw.

Fichter, George, D, 11th U. S. F., 13th New York Heavy Artillery, 815 T nw.

Fix, Louis F., Captain, 58th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel, Mo. S. M., 6th and G nw.

Fletcher, La Quino, Corporal, F, 49th Ohio, 922 9th ne.

Flynn, David, 1st Sergeant, H, 3rd U. S., 211 10th ne.

Galloway, Thomas, Captain, E, 1st Maryland Cavalry, 13th Street and Whitney Avenue,

Gibbs, William H., Captain, H, 15th Illinois, Jackson, Mississippi.

Gideon, Francis M., 6th Missouri Cavalry, 1934 15th nw.

Gotwald, William H., A, 26th Pennsylvania Military, 309 nth sw.

Granger, William W., Lieutenant and Adjutant, 3rd Missouri Cavalry, 1518 Caroline nw.

Griffin, Charles L., F, 102nd Ohio, 59 K nw.

Hanlon, John J., F, 3rd U. S. Cavalry, Lieutenant 19th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 319 G ne.

Harvey, John A., I, 23rd Ohio, 1228 C sw.

Havens, Jonathan O., K, 92nd New York Volunteers Infantry, 84 H Street, nw.

Hermnan, Samuel H., 15th and 47th New York, Soldiers' Home, Hampton, Va.

Hinton, Richard J., Captain, 2nd Kansas Cavalry, 1215 L nw.

Hoagland, John H., 2nd Lieutenant, 6th New Jersey, 64 C nw.

Honey, George W., Chaplain, 4th Wisconsin Volunteers Cavalry, 1722 10th Street nw.

Howard, Thomas P., K, 69th Pennsylvania, 643 B ne.

Hutcherson, William H., D, 7th Battalion, D. C. Volunteers, 448 M nw.

Jacobs, Elisha A., I, 4th, and H, 44th Massachusetts, 909 L nw.

Jenkins, Henry, Commissary Sergeant, A, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 722 F ne.

Jesse, Augustus, B, 2nd U. S. Dragoons and Veteran Reserve Corps, 1220 Union Place

Johnson, Daniel, 2nd Assistant Engineer, U. S. Navy, 1017 31st nw.

Johnson, Thomas, E, Musician, U. S. Marine Corps, and 2nd U. S. Veteran Volunteers, 1001 3rd se.

Kohr, David, A, 87th Pennsylvania, 322 4½ se.

Lewis, Miles M., H, 39th Iowa, 919 3rd, nw.

Lockhead, James, Diggs' Company D. C. Volunteers, 1404 Pennsylvania Avenue, nw.

Lusk, George H., A, 122 New York, 205 Pennsylvania Avenue, nw

McKenna, Francis L., Sergeant, U. S .M. C., 408 K nw.

Mandeville, James H., C, 44th and A, 140th New York, 3101 P, nw

Mangum, William H., 1st D C Volunteers, 448 L sw

Manning, John S., 1st Lieutenant, A 116th Ohio, 919 I nw

Martin, Nathan C., C. 106th New York and 49th Company Veteran Reserve Corps, 446 10th sw

Marx, George, G, 8th New York, 924 Massachusetts Avenue, nw.

Merriam, Ephraim Captain, Medical Cadet, USA and Assistant Surgeon, 40th Massachusetts, 622 New Jersey Avenue, nw.

Merrill, Simeon H., Captain, I., 11th Maine, 920 P, nw.

Minor, Edwin H., Sergeant, 8th Pennsylvania Reserves, 1215 12th, nw.

Moor. William H. I, 3rd U S, 2401 M, nw.

Moore, Patrick, Trumpeter, Scott's 900 New York Cavalry, 604 Pennsylvania Avenue, nw.

Morrison, A. H., 9th Missouri State Military Cavalry, 1901 Vermont Avenue, nw.

Moulton, Charles H., I, 27th Maine, 717 8th Avenue, nw.

Myers, Henry A, Ringgold's Cavalry, (independent) Pennsylvania, and Major 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry, 404 M, nw.

Nalley, William H., Captain, Metropolitan Rifles, D.C. Volunteers, 18 I, nw.

Nassau, William B., A, 17th Pennsylvania, 204 Arthur Place, nw.

Nebb, John E., 9th Indiana Infantry and D, 5th Indiana Cavalry, Rear of 214 G nw.

O'Brien, Maurice, A, 4th US Artillery, 811 I Street, ne.

O'Bryon, Philip M., A, 17th Pennsylvania, 204 Arthur Place, nw.

Parker, Lewis B., Kelly's Company, D. C. Volunteers, 1635 13th nw.

Phillips, William G., A, 3rd Battalion, D. C. Volunteers, Cottage Hill, ne.

Pidcock. Edwin. 32nd New York and 4th Volunteers, 1534 N. Capitol.

Piper, Horace L., 2nd Lieutenant, K, 27th Maine, 1505 L, nw.

Reed Cyrus J., E. 5th Iowa, 817 12th, nw.

Reinburg, Louis, Mater's Mate, US. Navy, 417 13th, se.

Reynolds, George R., Surgeon's Steward, U. S. N., 201 C, nw.

Ridgely, Augustus, A, 5th Battalion D C Volunteers, 1517 5th, nw.

Riggles Richard, Anderson Rifle's and Sergeant, 1st D C Volunteers, Sea Brook, Prince George's County, Maryland.

Riley, Charles V., C, 134 Illinois Volunteers, Dept. of Agriculture.

Riley, John O., President's Mounted Guard, D. C. Volunteers, 1416 T, nw.

Robinson, Alfred N., 1st Lieutenant and R. Q. M., 5th Ohio Cavalry, 326 E ne.

Saers, Caleb L., A, 2nd New York Cavalry and U. S. Navy, Mount Pleasant, D. C.

Schmid, Ernst, G, 176th New York, and Hospital Steward, U. S. Army, 1536 9th nw.

Sherwood, Charles W., Sergeant, 3rd D. C. Volunteers., and 1st Lieutenant, 1st D. C. Volunteers, 204 New York Avenue, nw.

Sigourney, Charles F., F, 44th New York State Military, 612 D sw.

Smith, Charles H., Sergeant, H, 11th New York Cavalry, 3232 Grace nw.

Smith, Robert E., F, 194th Pennsylvania, 3007 P nw.

Somers, William, Corp., 2nd U. S. Artillery, 724 6th sw.

Sprague, Frank H., Sergeant, E, 1st Rhode Island Cavalry, Philadelphia, Pa.

Stamp, Andrew H., F, 8th New York Heavy Artillery, 717 13th nw.

Stern, Aaron, Corp., Ord. Corps, U. S., 601 G sw.

Stewart, George G., K, 109th Pennsylvania, Seabrook, Prince George's Co., Maryland.

Stone, Israel W., M., 1st Illinois Light Artillery, 728 F ne.

Stout, Charles H., C, 8th Ohio, and Commissary Sergeant, 11th Pa. Cavalry, 1715 G nw.

Thomas, William N., apprentice, U. S. Navy, 926 5th nw.

Titlow, Benjamin F., Anderson's Rifles, D. C. Volunteers, Philadelphia, Pa.

Tiverny, Theophile, Sergeant, 2nd Battalion, D. C. Volunteers, 1004 4th ne.

Tyers, Frederick. E, 34th Illinois, 825 13th ne.

Tyler, Albert W., D, 1st Massachusetts Cavalry, 604 nth nw.

Upham, Edwin P., I, 44th Massachusetts, 1205 W nw.

Van Deusen, Albert H, Captain, G, 97th New York, 2203 M nw.

Webster, Edward, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Illinois Artillery, Captain, 4th U. S. Colored Artillery, 716 F ne.

Wertenbaker, W. E., Sergeant, 2nd Michigan, 1232 31st nw.

West, Granville C, 1st Lieutenant, 4th Ky. Mounted Infantry, 612 nth nw.

Wheeler, John W., G, 108th Ohio, 1755 K nw.

Whiting, William H, 2nd Lieutenant, 10th New York Cavalry, 1506 H ne.

Wilson, Thomas, 2nd Lieutenant, B, 21st Iowa Cavalry, and Captain, K, 44th Iowa, 1218 Connecticut Avenue, nw.

Winans, John F., Sergeant, D, 67th New York, 218 4 nw.

Winship, William W., 1st Lieutenant, F, 1st, and Captain, F, 2nd D C. Volunteers, 1352 28th nw.

Wooley, George C., Captain, M, 9th New York Cavalry, 414 6th nw.

Wolf, John H., B, 25th New York Cavalry, 601½ 4th nw.

Yingling, David C., Corporal, C, 3rd Pennsylvania, 627 Massachusetts Avenue, ne.

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Source: Pamphlet, By-Laws, Roster and Muster Roll of John Reynolds Post No. 6, Department of the Potomac, Grand Army of the Republic, July 1, 1891.

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