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Samuel Claxton Palmer, Grand Master, 1898

The subject of this sketch has spent his entire life in Georgetown, District of Columbia, where he was born in October, 1839. His education was obtained in the schools of that city, but at an early age he engaged in mercantile pursuits, being employed by John Trunnell, in the grocery business, from 1850 to 1854; by Knowles & Johnson, in the ship chandlery business, from 1854 to 1861, and by Riley A. Shinn, in the bottling business, from 1861 to 1863. In 1863, with a partner by the name of Green, he succeeded Shinn in this business, but shortly after acquired the entire interest in the business which he has ever since conducted in his own name.

While an active, progressive business man and citizen. Bra Palmer has never held any public office, but for many years has held an enviable place in the hearts of his fellow townsmen and has always been foremost in every movement for municipal betterment or private philanthropy. Altho of a retiring disposition he is lovable to a degree, and is one of the best known and most highly respected men in West Washington. Among his business activities may be mentioned his service as a director of the Farmers and Mechanics' National Bank since 1894.

Brother Palmer's interest and activity in Masonry covers a period of more than forty years, and has been of the greatest value not only to the subordinate bodies with which he was affiliated, but to the Craft in general, his administration of the affairs of the Grand Lodge during his term as Grand Master being marked by the same ability and business acumen which brought success to him in his private affairs.

He was initiated in The New Jerusalem Lodge, No. 9, February 18, 1867; passed March 28, 1867; raised May 2, 1867, and withdrew December 28, 1868, to become a charter member of George C Whiting Lodge, No. 22; was Senior Warden, 1870-71; Worshipful Master, 1872-73, and Treasurer, 1874 to 1897, and 1900 to 1902. After service through the progressive line of the Grand Lodge he ascended the Grand East for the year 1898. He received the Capitular degrees in Potomac Chapter, No. 8, R. A. M., June 13, September 12, and October 10, 1871.

He was knighted in Columbia Commandery, No. 2, K. T., November 6, 1874, and remains a member at this time.

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Source: History of the Grand Lodge and Freemasonry in the District of Columbia, compiled by W. Brother Kenton N. Harper, 1911.

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